Reflexology as a therapy was developed in the mid 20th century. However, the principles behind it are thought to date back to around 2300 b.c.

The human body is completely reflected in reflex points found on the feet and these can be used to stimulate all parts of the body. The reflexologist can locate imbalances, which can be cleared through treatment, thus restoring the flow of natural energy, enhancing the healing process and promoting a return to optimum health. Relexology improves circulation, thus increasing the efficiency of all organs and cells. It helps release trapped nervous energy and improves neural efficiency. It also improves the elimination of toxins and activates the body's self-healing.

Approximately 7000 nerves are stimulated by reflexology.


Tricia Cherry, MCThADip. Anatomy and Physiology ITEC (Credit)Dip. Reflexology, ITEC (Credit)

Reflexology benefits start from the first treatment and have a cumulative effect. Most clients benefit from a course of weekly treatments, followed by periodic rebalancing in order to maintain the effects.

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